I'm just a girl with cold hands and scarred wrists
Nobody, not even the rain
Sam | XVII | New York City

The Lines/Beartooth.

February 2012 (by Ro Bott)

The Contortionist by ADIDA FALLEN ANGEL on Flickr.

My hip bones used to be very prominent and all of my limbs are terribly skinny and I felt like I needed to gain weight and figured that would be fine but now I’ve been actually eating and my hip bones aren’t as prominent and I’m slightly started to lose my thigh gap and I’m starting to feel fat when I’m pretty much still kinda the same????? So I’m going back to avoiding eating and I SHOULDN’T BE BECAUSE I LOOK FINE, I JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE I LOOK FINE AND I SHOULDN’T WANT TO HAVE TO BE SKINNIER THAN I ALREADY AM and my throat is closing in on itself and I want to cry and I feel so disgusting and imperfect AND I WANT TO BE BIGGER BUT I WANT TO BE SMALLER and this SUCKS. WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS.


Tuscany, Italy | Frederic Huber

untitled by sierrajune on Flickr.